Cassiano has been struggling with unimaginable levels of violence and poverty, but through the grace of God, change is finally on the horizon. In 2020, God spoke to Tiffany, revealing to her His plans to send a small army. Cassiano will soon experience firsthand the immense love and power that God has for all people - regardless of economic status or inability to help themselves. With God's help, Cassiano will finally have a chance at a brighter future. With the arrival of this divinely appointed help, Cassiano was granted a glimpse of hope and a chance at transformation. Although it won't happen overnight, the power of God's love will bring about the kingdom for Cassiano for years to come.

We have been driven by help from different churches, all the way from San Antonio to Dallas. With their help and support, we have been able to minister to our community in a variety of ways such as, hosting summer kids clubs, running revival tents, providing ESL programs for our growing Afghan communities, and even clothing pantries for the community. The help from these different churches has boosted us up when it was needed most, helping us reach more people and provide more resources not only physically but spiritually as well. We are incredibly thankful for the help of this small army that will raise up world shakers and history makers.

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